Sunday, September 25, 2011

London and Paris (Part III)

Some of the more interesting photos I took during the trip. Had quite a hard time choosing from the 1000++ photos from the trip. London and Paris are cities with a rich art history and I really miss the museums and the art culture there.

Found this really interesting, bet those people on the benches didn't realise they're being 'framed' (pun intended)

A weird phenomenal when the birds all perched on the bald trees, we had to watch out for anything falling from above...

Hot pink tables and chairs outside Tate Modern

At the train station, thought the 'ceiling' was interesting, you'll feel rather dizzy if you stare at it for too long

bright red truck in front of the monotonous browns of the building behind

From the Eiffel Tower (feel like falling)

The Eiffel Tower from the bottom up

How the sky bade us farewell...

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