Sunday, September 4, 2011

Emil Alzamora (Distorted human forms)

I was searching for distorted body forms for inspiration for my coursework.
I chanced upon this artist, Emil Alzamora.
These are a few of them: 

Afterlife Afterthought (2006)
[Elongated neck]
The body probably represents a dead person lying in an awkward position. The elongation of the head symbolizes the 'soul' of the dead person rising from the lifeless body, yet unable to let go of his life (thus the attachment of the head to the body via the neck). The head looks fondly at the body, unwilling to leave. Yet the the neck would eventually reach its maximum length, and what would happen then? A struggle to remain attached to the body? A detachment from life to enter afterlife?

Tether (2006)
[Elongated arm]
Tether (noun): a rope or chain with which an animal is tied to restrict its movement.
As suggested by its title, the elongated hand which is attached to the ground acts as a restriction to the supposed-to-be freely moving curled up body. It seems as if the body is struggling to rise up, only to be pulled down by his hand.

Voluptuary (2008)
[Exaggerated layers of fat]
Voluptuary (noun): a person devoted to luxury and sensual pleasure
This piece strikes me the most as being grotesque. Yet we cannot deny that reality is similar... over consumption of luxury goods (including food and other useless goods). Result? layers upon layers of fat to the extent that greatly affects one's life (as suggested by the trapped hand under the body, and the thick legs - impaired motion)

The subject matter for all his works are distorted human body forms. Apparently his interest is in the exaggeration and distortion of different aspects of the human body to illustrate a certain situation (as suggested by the titles) and elicit certain emotions or responses from the viewers.

Go visit his website:
and be amazed (or disgusted) :)

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