Sunday, September 25, 2011

London and Paris (Buildings)

When we first landed in London and later Paris, the first thing that awed me was the architecture of the buildings that lined the roads. They seem so vintage and grand, with the elaborate decorative sculptures and castle-like towers. brought out the rich history and culture of London and Paris. A nice change from Singapore's HDB flats :)

The ceiling is really cool...reminds me of Dede Eri Supria's Labyrinth (sigh...the side effects of EOYs)

Of course, not forgetting the Eiffel Tower

The design from under the Eiffel Tower

...chanced upon this on the bus...wonder who lives there...
talk about the wide variety of architecture

Another interesting architecture - pyramid

like how the green color of the sculpture contrasts with the monotonous color of the building - acts as an 'eye candy'

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