Sunday, September 25, 2011

Key Chains :D

Felt really bored with my IH notes, so I grabbed some dough and made these key chains. Yup, I was feeling rather hungry then... cake, tart, waffle and macaroons (Mmmm...)
They are really quite small (compared to my finger, refer to last pic), so it was difficult to create the details. Putting the various part together and making sure that they stick is the hardest, some parts fell out and I had to attach them back together with PVA glue.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lin Hui,
    I really like your keychains!
    i especially liked how you did the edges of the macrons and the cake. They have like a rougher texture by the sides which make them look less perfect and more real. i also like how you did the cream and base for the tart. The details on them really make them look appetizing! i also like how you did the waffle by sticking long rolls to create the texture of the waffle. I also like how you used paper to "package" the food. (:
    However, i think you could have used a more brown colour for the clay of the waffle, this would make it even more authentic and real.
    they sort of remind me of those food erasers like this: