Thursday, March 1, 2012

Animal Sketches

Drew these a while back, January this year, but was too lazy to post them until now.
YAY cute animals (esp the second dog:D)


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Boat in Vietnam (oil painting #5)

A smaller scale oil painting~in order not to use too much oil paint...
cos I tend to use a large amount of paint and oil paints are ex~
Trying to capture the reflections and flow of the water and an attempt on depicting the human figure.

The original photo (taken during Vietnam CIP trip)

final painting

a relatively realistic depiction of the boy, though more details could be included...

yup, thick paints that took forever to dry for the leaves.
(sorry, camera couldn't focus)

Focus: light on water

A Day of Baking - Truffle Cookies

flour+unsweetened chocolate powder+baking soda+sugar

sieve & mess

after adding egg, orange juice and butter to dry ingredients

dough in icing sugar

laid on baking tray *snowy white*

into the oven~

baked and boy was it good:)
reminded me of rocks with snow...
(but sb told me that they look like mould...T.T)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pen drawings

my first attempt on using pen as a medium...
tried to capture all the details, but apparently not they're not 100% captured
drew this free hand, so the proportion is slightly off, but still rather pleased with them
the both drawings took a night (each) to complete, realised that pen drawings work best when it comes to killing time.
the second one is half done, as I lost momentum (the details are crazy~)
shall complete it when I have nothing else to do:)

Btw, these are all buildings from the AEP London and Paris trip, Singapore's HDB flats would be dull and boring to draw...perhaps I could try drawing the esplanade or SAM someday~

Friday, January 6, 2012

more sketches (cat +hands)

Suddenly had the urge to sketch something, so I attempted to depict this sleeping cat which is my desktop wallpaper, it was done in sort of a rush, as I was supposed to be in bed then...thus, the quick sketch lines and slightly distorted face...

was rather bored in DSO intern's room waiting for my mentor's meeting to end, so I entertained myself by sketching my own hand (Nov 2011)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vietnam Regional CIP

shoes outside the community hall where we sleep.

construction site~house building

semi-flooded school compound

wang~one of the many local kid who came to over to bug us

flooded rice plantations~the villagers' main source of income

many bridges were 'holey'

ready to set off to the boat...

clear blue sky~

leng~a local kid whom I've grown close to over the 2 weeks...
it's our last night there...

campfire~time to say goodbye

left the village at 4am, just as the sun started to rise~

crochet cat:D

Completed these in mid-December...
took me about 14 nights to complete (with occasional breaks between)
but the pink one only took 7 nights. I suppose practice makes perfect:D
It was rather tedious and time consuming, but addictive all the same cos the cat 'grows' as you crochet.

Half-done cat...arms? legs?

all done, time to stuff and stitch it up:)

A new born ~sound asleep~


it's bored being alone...shall make another one...

HI~ I'm complete:)

yay~ Love's in the air <3

Cheeky pencil cases

Made these in November 2011, but didn't have the time to upload them, until now...

They're really simple to make (with the sewing machine), but the eyes are hand-sewn (blanket-stitched) as I attached as an after thought. Originally wanted a plain, one-color case, but they looked a little dull, so added eyes (drawn on white cloth with fabric crayons) while the zips served as mouths:D

The first one (green) took me the whole afternoon as I messed up the sequence of attaching the pieces of cloth. But the subsequent few took me about 15minutes to complete:)

Gave one to my friend (to replace her seriously old pencil case) and another to Shiyun for christmas:)
The blue one 's still with me...maybe I should use it next year...