Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cheeky pencil cases

Made these in November 2011, but didn't have the time to upload them, until now...

They're really simple to make (with the sewing machine), but the eyes are hand-sewn (blanket-stitched) as I attached as an after thought. Originally wanted a plain, one-color case, but they looked a little dull, so added eyes (drawn on white cloth with fabric crayons) while the zips served as mouths:D

The first one (green) took me the whole afternoon as I messed up the sequence of attaching the pieces of cloth. But the subsequent few took me about 15minutes to complete:)

Gave one to my friend (to replace her seriously old pencil case) and another to Shiyun for christmas:)
The blue one 's still with me...maybe I should use it next year...

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