Wednesday, January 19, 2011

contour drawing tryouts

Last year Mrs Tan conducted a practice during AEP lesson.
First, we were to sketch our hand, with all the lines and shadings, based on observation of our hand.
Here's what I drew:
Then, I was rather pleased and satisfied with my sketch.
Next, we were told to stare at our hands and draw as our eyes trace the contours or any wrinkles of the hand. The hard part: without reference to the paper on which the hand is drawn. Here's what I did:
Well, I tried. But it turned out to be a mess of swirly lines...
Finally, we were allowed to look at the paper while we trace the contours of our hand with our eyes and sketching it on paper. 30% of focus on paper, 70% on the actual hand, and...
It wasn't shaded, but the lines were more sensitive, with more wrinkles shown in the sketch as compared to the first sketch.

Yup, most of the time, we would usually tend to draw/sketch something based on memory or our impressions of the subject matter, instead of paying attention to the actual subject itself. This would lead to less accurate drawings of the subject, which would more likely turn out to be idealized and modified to become more perfect (e.g. less wrinkles and other details). I suppose that's why many artists paint with real life models and set-ups so that their paintings and drawings would be more realistic.

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