Saturday, January 15, 2011

anti drug wallpaper competition 2009

final composition

other compositions
The final composition shows a drug addict being sucked into a capsule. His face is distorted with agony as he tries to reach out for help. The other hand, which represents the viewer, tries to save the drug addict but fails. The other capsules in the background suggests the other addicts being enclosed within, with no escape. Once a drug is taken, one will be pulled into the world of addiction and be permanently trapped. With this concept in mind, I suppose that the ultimate aim of this painting is to warn the viewers of the detrimental effects of drug addiction, both mentally and physically.

I chose this composition as I felt that the message comes across more strongly. This is because the 'sweeping' brushstrokes of bright yellow and white effectively creates the suction force, which pulls the person in. Bright colors are also used to attract the viewer's attention, thus engaging the audience more.

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