Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sec 3 BT Drawing and Painting paper

  The theme for the paper was play. My interpretation: play that hurts. In other words, I was addressing the issue of mockery and hurtful teasing that damages others self esteem. Notice that a human figure is crouched on top of the pile of toys, and that the three distorted faces are laughing in mockery at him. The pile of toys suggests the objects that we play with and become entertained by when we were younger. However, as we grow older, some begin to lose this interest and treat a fellow human being as a toy to make fun of.

...Preparatory Studies...
brainstorm, mind-map, sketches, tryouts, etc.

Like everyone else, when the theme was announced, the first thing that came to mind was toys; from soft toys to dolls to pets. So I sketched them ...

But something bothered me; my ideas were not original. Anyone would relate play to toys. It was not interesting or different enough. So I thought harder and came up with an idea: mockery and playing with someone's emotions and feelings. I have to admit that it was rather morbid. Nevertheless, it was unique and I loved it:) Here's the rest of my prep:

Next, I had a random idea of playing with nature, like flying a kite (playing with the wind). But it didn't really have much relevance to the theme, so I decided not to take any chances. I submitted it as my prep work anyways, because I put in quite a lot of effort in these paintings.


What can I say? To paint a painting requires much hard work even before starting to paint the actual painting. But throughout the whole course of doing this paper, I did my best and enjoyed myself thoroughly doing the prep studies and painting the actual painting. I really quite pleased with the process and the outcome. Can't wait for the Sec4 coursework to start:D

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