Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coursework in progress...

Who could have thought that coursework was so brain-wrecking. I've been thinking about the theme since the December holidays, from hope to death, from nature to artificiality......and I finally settled on deforestation. Not a very popular theme I admit. Deforestation is so common that it has just been accepted as a way of life.

Deforestation = more land = agriculture = more food
                                        = housing = population growth
                                        = factories = economic development
                                        = ......

For various reasons, politicians and developers claims that it is necessary for deforestation in order for a country to grow and have economic progress. Since the past, forests have been removed and trees have been chopped and burnt down on a large scale all in the name of money and development.
The way I see it,

Deforestation = loss of habitats = endangerment and even extinction of species
                     = desertification
                     = drastic climate changes
                     = Global Warming

For our own selfish reasons, we have chose to neglect the detrimental harm and irreversible damage that deforestation has on the Earth and ultimately our way of life. Like animals, we are merely inhabitants of the Earth. What right do we have of changing the very land we stand for our selfish reasons and then affecting every animal and species? (be it pollution, deforestation for land for growing crops, grazing, genetically modified agriculture, etc.)

Having said that, I do realise that in order to keep up with the growing world population, agriculture and farming as well as more land is required for sufficient food and housing. However, man ought to realise the harm and damage that he has brought to the Earth and try to reduce or correct this damage. What struck me the most was the indifferent and 'heck care' attitute that some has to man's actions.

In my coursework, I would address this issue and deem deforestation as unacceptable and even immoral/inhumane. Therefore, I suppose the art work has to evoke shock and horror in the viewers and hopefully change the mindset and attitute of some to deforestation.

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