Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wire sculpting

chanced across this metal wire sculpture of an escalator while googling for inspiration over the December holidays. At first sight, I thought it was a rough sketch of the escalator, but upon closer look, it's actually made of a bundle of metal wires, creatively and skillfully bent to that shape. This artwork is a wire sculpture of an escalator by Fritz Panzer. Indeed a very meticulous and amazing piece, to be able to create the frame of an escalator solely from wires.

I was reminded of the wire bookmarks that some bookstores sell, and was inspired to make some myself. And so I did...

I bought the metal wire at value dollar and formed these simple shapes of the flower, heart, leaf, fish, butterfly and star. It was really simple to make. But I suppose the thing with wires is that once it is bent, it will be hard to bend it back to make it straight again. In other words, the shape of the wires are permanent once it is formed. Therefore it is important to picture the product before starting on the project.

Making bookmarks are simple and great as simple gifts to friends. However, it can be a real trouble if the sculpture is done on a large scale, and due to the permanent nature of the wire, I believe that I would not be making a sculpture entirely of wires. Making bookmarks is one thing, doing coursework is another.

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