Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coursework in Progress II :DD

Day 7, 8, 9
(the blending took up most of the time...)
Day 10
(then later decided to redo the human figures...)

Details :)
chanced upon this really cool effect for the background. Originally wanted a wash of varying shades of black and grey. But I added too much turpentine and the paint started dripping. I suppose the 'cracks' created were due to the uneven surface (i.e. rough-ness) in the canvas. It gives the painting a lightning/thunderstorm kind of eerie and freaky atmosphere. Just hope that the figures would not spoil the painting. Got to work on my blending >.<

The black paint from the background continued to drip into the tree roots and the human figures...like veins strangling the figures :) The background also merges well with the trees and the figures this way too :D

Now to face my biggest enemy...BLENDING


  1. I think it is really creative for you to use the turpertine to create such a effect. It really contributes to the texture of the painting.

    I also really like the way you paint. The texture of the painting is really similar to the texture of the real tree trunk. The rough texture really contributes to the depiction of the tree.

    Good Job Lin hui!!! :)

  2. hi!!
    same as xinda, i really like your texture for the tree. it is very unique and expressive:)
    also, the background colour/pattern also corroborate with the tree, giving the artwork an eerie atmosphere. though it is not your expected effect, but this "crack" effect is also very special. it's like the world is shattered.
    However, i think you should have work more on the human figures. the light colour of the human figures create quite a strong contrast with the rest of the painting, making them "pop" out. I'm not sure whether this is your initial idea, but i think you can make the tone darker so that the human figures can blend in more with the background? (though its quite late to say this).
    nevertheless, i really like the texture and lighting in your painting. it really needs to put in a lot of effort. keep it up!!