Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beach Cleanup with Green Club :D

It's Earth Day:D. Thought that as the Green Club, we ought to do something for the environment, so I suggested a beach cleanup. We suffered, we melted, and we had fun:)

Big Foot? Some giant monster raiding East Coast Park? While walking from the bus-stop towards the coast area, I chanced upon this pair of 'footprints'. Well, actually, it's not that big, it's only slightly bigger than my foot. Didn't put my foot next to it as I didn't want to give it away so easily. That's probably how the Big Foot or UFOs come about, from people's imaginations. Found it interesting so I took it down.

Kind of expected to see this: the beach was sewn with all sorts of trash, from plastic bottles, aluminum cans to chicken bones and tidbit wrappers. Sigh, the trash is seriously an eye sore. Cleaned up the beach as best as we could. But even after a full 2 hours, there were still a lot of trash lining the beach. It's sad how the scenery of the coast can be ruined by those who can't be bothered to clear their trash properly.

Clouds disappeared and the sun appeared half way into the cleanup. It was really burning hot and humid, the worst and most common weather condition in Singapore. What's more, there're no trees along the beach, just sand and more sand. Didn't put sunblock either, so after the cleanup, I got the 'lobster' look and a terrible headache. Great.

Fond of the water, as always, especially when it's a really hot day. If only I could jump in and stay there all day, refreshing and cooling, the perfect remedy for the scorching weather. But then again, the water isn't exactly clean; straws, plastic bags and even dead fishes bob up and down in the waters near the coast. Would rather be cooked than to dive into those waters.

It's about 1 hour since we begun. Got a bid bored, so I wrote this with a random tree branch. Even though I was about half dead and melted, I still had much fun during the Beach cleanup. It's amazing how a simple activity of picking up litter can bond ppl together. It reminded me of the wonderful juniors and friends that I have in Green Club. Love you guys <3

Thought that it looked cool, with the shadows and close detail of the sand. In case you were wondering, the horizontal thing that cut across the photo is one of the tiles which we found in a huge sack buried under the sand (talk about the weird things people throw on the beach). Was trying to capture the earthworm on the tile but my camera isn't of high resolution and the worm turned out to be just that little pinkish dot on the tile.

The area that we cleaned. A sharp contrast to the earlier photo. Can't help but feel proud of ourselves for cleaning up this part of the beach. What can I say, it's worth the 'torture'. Blue sky, clear blue waters, clean coast......if only it could remain like this forever. But I doubt it. There will always be that one or two people who ruin the scenery. Enjoy it while you can.

Walking back to the bus-stop after the exhausting 2 hours of clean-up. The sun is still shining as brightly as it possibly can. Three clear and distinct shadows cast on the pathway. Air-con, a refreshing shower, ice-cream, here we come!

Chanced upon this cat sleeping under a car parked at the road side. It was probably already there when we first started the cleanup. Having a late morning nap, cooling off in the shadow of the car, while we stand under the hot sun all day, bending down to pick trash off the beach...Jealous...

The bus took forever to come. Bored, I took an interest in the tree behind the bus-stop. Who knew that a bark of a tree trunk would be so interesting. Frosty white, natural brown, burnt umber, nature's fascinating if you would just stop to look.

Sigh, what can I say after that 2 hours under the sun; I'm red, roasted and sore all over. Moral of the story? Leave nothing but footprints. Not plastic bottles, not aluminum cans and certainly not chicken bones or satay sticks!

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